Side profile of T2 working on a laptop. Text: Torger Jansen. Strategic and creative designer, video producer.
Photo: Oskar Føyn Føyen
Heya! I'm T2.
Hand drawn illustration of T2's mascot with crossed eyes and red cheeks
I'm allergic to chaos.
Okay, I don't really sneeze every time I see chaos. However, I do love to simplify difficult data for users, making life easier for everyone. That's a core quality of mine that's reflected in my work.
Hand drawn illustration of T2's mascot smiling with text reading "Designer" and an arrow pointing to the face
I have a bachelors degree in visual communication. 
That essentially means I've studied graphic design and marketing. I've studied at the University of South-Eastern Norway and at the University of Technology, Sydney. 
I also have three years of work experience in a design studio, in addition to working freelance.​​​​​​​
Hand drawn illustration of T2's mascot wearing three different hats on their head. The mascot has a surprised face.
I wear lots of hats (not literally speaking). 
From helping a client create their core values to animating a logo reveal – I enjoy working from start to finish with all aspects of strategic design.​​​​​​​
Key design interests
Video production
Motion graphics
Selected clients I've worked with
Logo of Freia, TINE, Lerum, Gilde, Fjordland, Zeroh!, Entra, Ferd, Construction City, Schage, Malling, Økern Portal, Drammen Helsepark, Teft, 4Service, Oslo Bysykkel, Barnevakten, Kvass
Includes clients I've worked with as a creative designer in design studios.
I'm currently not open for freelance work or commissions.
Feel free to say hi if you have anything else on your mind. Du kan også kontakte meg på norsk! Sjekk ut portfolioen min og prosessboka mi fra 2018 som en PDF.
T2 (Torger Jansen)
Thank you!
You can also send me an email directly to: torger.mail (at)
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